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Gas Shock 15" Viper Barber Chair BC-2703
Our Price:$54.99
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Our Price:$599.99
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Gas Shock 15" Barber Chair
Reception Desk RD-009 Reception Desk RD-001
Our Price:$999.99
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Our Price:$599.99
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Reception desks Reception desks
Barber Chair BC-2695A(call to order) Styling Station SS-211
Our Price:$469.99
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Our Price:$359.99
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Barber Chair Styling Station   SS-211

Today's Super Deal!
Ozone Facial Steamer

Sale Price: $79.99
Facial Steamer

This high quality ozone facial steamer has been an industry standard for years. The rugged metal construction features a 21" steamer spray arm with a built-in ozone generator. Steamer arm twists 45 degrees in both directions, exit nozzle is adjustable from 44" to 56" inches in height with the spring loaded center pole.  On/off switch for steam heater and a separate on/off switch for ozone function. Glass water jar holds 16 oz. and is removable for cleaning. Water fill cap allows for easy refills.  The wide base, tow about handle and dual wheel casters provide for easy maneuverability.

1 year warranty

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Barber Chair
Sale Price: $299.99
Magnifying Lamp
Sale Price: $59.99

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